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The Northern Area

Sports events:
Baseball(hard ball) Baseball(rubber ball)

Tapic Stadium Nago ( Nago Municipal Ball Park )

Facility Information

Address 2-1 Miyazato, Nago City Open hours 09:00〜22:00
Closed hours New Year's holiday Parking space 52 cars
Capacity Infield stand: 5,300 people / Outfield stand: 2,000 people
Sports events
  • Baseball(hard ball)
  • Baseball(rubber ball)
Sport facility
  • Baseball field(hard ball)
Facility details area: 1 baseball field that allow hardball / rubber ball, both wings: 100m / center field:
122m, natural grass, mesh panel fence, bullpen ( inside of stadium: 2 / outside of stadium: 1 ), barrier free parking, WC, and elevator/slope
Ancillary facility
  • Parking
  • Shower room
  • Changing room
  • Conference room
  • Training room
  • Bullpen
  • AED
  • First Aid station
  • Night game facilities
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Closed hours
New Year's holiday