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The Northern Area

Resort hotel

Hotel facilities:
Wi-Fi Laundromat Conference room Large Bus parking space

Hotel Lieta-Nakayama

All rooms come with a terrace. We look forward to your arrival.

Hotel information

Address 1220-25-5 Biimata, Nago-city, Okinawa Maximum capacity of guests 368 people
Number of rooms 40 rooms Bathroom All rooms equipped (1 bathroom, 1 shower room)
Wi-Fi Available Large bus parking space Available


Shuttle bus to airport N/A Shuttle bus to nearest sports facility N/A
Direction from airport / nearest station From Naha Airport (100 mins by car)
Nearest medical facility Okinawa Prefectual Hokubu Hospital 4.3km (10 mins by car)
Nearby convenience store Lawson Meio University Mae Branch 260m (1 min by car / 3 mins by walk)
Nearby laundromat Futon Maki no Jiro Nago Umusa no Mori Branch 2.1km (4 mins by car)


Multilingual service English, Chinese, Korean Providing ice cubes / packs -
Large equipment storage Available Rentals for the guests -
Carry-in bicycle Available Facilities for large-size athletes -

Hotel facilities

Laundromat Every room (1 washing machine, 1 tumble dryer) Conference room Available
Notes on conference room Room to be arranged with partitions / monitor
Multiuse / Prayer room - Fitness room -
Pool -

About meal support

Special-meal consultation N/A (showing Nutrition Facts only) Dietitian / Food Meister N/A
Order bento box / Food delivery Available Adjusting meal time Available

Other notes

Accommodating training camps in the past Professionals (rugby, baseball), others (canoe)
Recommended season Any time apart from New Year's holiday, Obon Festival and GW
Notes Fee will be chaged for cleaning. Dining room is in OKINAWA Fruit Land.
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