Sports Facility & Event

Rich Training Environment

Many top athletes looking for an attractive training environment are choosing Okinawa for their sports training camp location. Okinawa is one of the sports camp regions of Japan where one can find a facility for any type of sports. The surrounding beaches make the island an appropriate place for marine sports training camps such as triathlon or sailing.


International and national teams choose Okinawa to hold training camps for sports such as badminton, volleyball, handball, weightlifting and judo. Being the birth place of karate, many karate practitioners from all over the world hold their training camp in Okinawa not to mention many international tournaments are also held here as well.

Training Camps and Competitions

  • 2016 Japan National Judo Team
  • 2016 Japan National Wrestling Team
  • 2017 Singapore National Handball Team
  • 2017 Czech National U19 Basketball Team
  • 2017 Japan National Weightlifting Team
  • 2018 Japan National Badminton Team
  • New Zealand Karate Federation Tokyo Olympic
    Pre-games Training Camp Scheduled
  • Karate 1-Premier League
  • FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Qualifying Tournament Scheduled

Stadiums and Fields

With more than 100 sports training camps held annually,
track and field training camps are the most numerous sports training
camps held in Okinawa. Okinawa boasts many stadiums,
leading many soccer and baseball teams
to come to the island for their spring training camps,
which is a very important period of time before the season starts.

Training Camps and Competitions

  • 2017 Japan National Rugby Team (Japan Sevens)
  • 2017 Japan National Rugby Team (Brave Blossom)
  • 2017 South Korean National Baseball Team (WBC)
  • 2017 Mongolia National Football Team
  • 2017 Japan National Softball Team
  • 2018 Japan Para Athletics
  • 2018 Japan Pro Baseball Spring Training Camp (Japan: 12 teams、South Korea: 6 teams)
  • 2018 Japan Pro Football Spring Training Camp (Japan: 17 teams、South Korea: 1 team、 China: 1 team)
  • OKINAWA SEVENS (Women’s 7-a-side Rugby International Tournament)

Okinawa Karate Kaikan

Okinawa Karate Kaikan is a base facility that aims to preserve and develop
Okinawa Karate as Okinawa’s individual cultural heritage, and spread and promote
the birth place of karate – Okinawa – to both within and outside Japan.
The facility is made to be enjoyed by not only karate practitioners but anyone from all over the world.

Training Camps and Competitions

  • Hungarian Karate FederationTokyo Olympic Pre-Training Camp Scheduled
  • Okinawa Karate International Tournament

Road Bicycle Racing

One can find many types of roads in Okinawa,
from flat roads with few traffic lights to roads with
steep hills, which offers a diverse scale of training for bicycle racing.
Cycling training camps are popular
in Okinawa and the island has given birth to
Olympic athletes in the discipline.

Training Camps and Competitions

  • 2018 Japan Pro Cycling Team (5 teams)
  • 2018 Japan National Cycling Team
  • Tour de Okinawa

Marine Sports

Thanks to its rich marine environment, Okinawa
holds canoe, sailing and triathlon training camps and
tournaments as well. Teams and athletes can practice their ideal sports training by
taking advantage of the beach resort area.

Training Camps and Competitions

  • 2017 470 SailingJapan・New Zealand・Croatia
  • 2017 Sailing (RS:X Class)Japan・South Korea・Hongkong・UK
  • All Japan Triathlon Miyakojima
  • Ishigaki Triathlon
  • Okinawa International Triathlon

Medical System and Relaxation

Hospitals and emergency medical centers are
available near every sports facility. Okinawa also
has many sports doctors. Everything is prepared
to quickly deal with any kind of emergency.
Plenty of relaxation facilities are also available to alleviate
any mental and physical fatigue from training.