Nature & Culture

Rich Nature and Original Culture

Okinawa consists of 160 islands including 47 inhabited islands over a vast ocean area ranging from approximately 400 km north to south and 1000 km east to west. The beautiful natural sceneries of coral reefs, crystal-clear blue seas and white sandy beaches present its own unique images on each island. You can feel and experience the unique Ryukyu culture of Okinawa different from mainland Japan.

Accommodation Facilities That Fit All Needs

Being a major resort region of Japan, Okinawa welcomes a total of about 10 million tourists per year. The island has an ideal accommodation environment with more than 2000 accommodating facilities, from luxury resort hotels to business hotels. One can choose among all the facilities that meet one’s needs for training camps such as food, laundry, auxiliary facilities for training etc.

Development of the Ryukyu Kingdom’s Original Culture

Since the mid-15th century for a period of about 450 years, Okinawa was a kingdom, the Ryukyu Kingdom with Shurijo Castle at its center. Through trade with Asian countries, the kingdom flourished in arts and entertainment, differing from the Japanese culture at the time, forming a richly unique international culture. By visiting the different sites registered by UNESCO in 2000 under the name [Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu], one can learn about Ryukyu religious beliefs, visit castle ruins, and see their original architecture. One can feel the Ryukyu Kingdom’s historical background and the wisdom of the Ryukyu people.

The birth place of karate – Okinawa

With this kind of historical and cultural background, “Karate” was born and has been passed down as a martial art that contributes to building a strong body through strict training and cultivates an indominable spirit. It also shapes and develops one’s personality to love peace and have respect for good manners. Karate is a traditional culture that Okinawa is proud of and is passed down even until this day.