About Okinawa

Sports Island OKINAWA

Warm climate year-round, easy and convenient access for air travel, fully-equipped sports facilities and a great variety of accommodation facilities. Okinawa, the prominent resort escape of Japan, offers the perfect environment for sports training camps.

Access to Okinawa

Situated at the center of East Asia, Okinawa represents the southern gateway to Japan. Main airports of East Asian countries including mainland Japan have direct flights to Okinawa. Big cities such as Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo are only a two-and-a-half-hour flight distance. There are approximately 40 flights between Okinawa and Tokyo every day, which assures a smooth transport of athletes to and from the island.

Warm Climate

Okinawa’s rainy season ends when mainland Japan enters its rainy season in June. Thus, Okinawa is the perfect place to train for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, because it offers climatic conditions that are similar to that during the Olympic Games. Okinawa boasts the only subtropical oceanic climate in Japan and has an average annual temperature of 23 degrees. It is the only place in Japan where sports athletes can achieve both the perfect and ideal training even during the winter period.